Turf Products

A breakdown of the grass products we use for installation each day

Premium Turf. Quality Service.

To provide the most quality service requires the most premium turf in the market. This is why we supply our turf specifically from Rymars Grass, a leader in the turf supply industry. We want to ensure that the turf installation lasts for years to come. Find a list of Rymar products and their attributes below:

Turf Installation Product


Rymar 51

Suitable for areas with light to moderate traffic


Rymar 81

Suitable for areas with moderate to high traffic

Everblade 50 Turf


Everblade 50

Offers additional softness and comfort

Everblade Artificial Grass


Everblade 80

Special design maintains low surface temperature

Durablade Turf Product


Durablade 65

Formulated to reduce heat retention

Durablade Synthetic Turf Grass


Durablade 95

Designed with the intent to truly replicate grass


Eco Grass

A great value for those looking at maintaining a budget

Sports Artificial Grass


Durablade Sport

Offers durability for consistent play

Need Help Choosing?

Our team can help you with choosing the turf perfect for your backyard and budgeting the project.