Sports Courts

Basketball Courts

Backyard basketball court installations have become popular in Vancouver and surrounding cities in the lower mainland. Our courts are fully customizable from sizes, colours, logos, lines and hoops. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your basketball court regardless of the size. With Mr. Greens turf you are ensured to have the most professional installation from your court to your in-ground basketball hoops. Our courts are great for individuals who would like to improve their game in the comfort of their own home or individuals who like the beautiful look it can bring to your yard. Our new court tile technology helps you get the best feel on your court with frost and UV resistant materials which helps ensure your court will be in good condition for years to come. Our courts are also slip resistant which enhances your performance on the court without any worries.

Basketball Court Surrey

Tennis Courts

Backyard tennis court installations are an amazing way to both improve your game while improving the appearance of your backyard landscape. Our tennis courts come in a few standard sizes which can be determined once your area is evaluated. Our courts are fully customizable with colours, lining and much more. With Mr. Greens turf you are ensured to have a professional court installation from start to finish! Our court technology provides both UV resistance and slip resistance

Pickleball Courts

 Residential Pickleball court installations have become very popular as the sport’s popularity has been rising drastically through the pandemic. Pickleball courts are a great way to entertain your guests when hosting any sort of events at your house. Pickleball courts come in standard sizes to ensure the gameplay is realistic as can be. You can customize the colour of your court and also add any customizable logo with any colour or size depending on your personal needs. With Mr. Greens turf you are ensured to have a professional pickleball court installation.